Partners in Education for 50 Years

In January of 1964, Saxon Hill School served its first group of young children and their families. Founded by DeeDee Jameson and Willy Cochran, the school was located in DeeDee’s home on Skunk Hollow Road – in what was known as the “Saxon Hill” area of Jericho.

The school’s success was largely due to the commitment that parents and teachers brought to a “hands-on” education philosophy in which children were encouraged to investigate, explore, and create. Children were respected as young human beings of great value. Families were supported in their wishes to be involved in their children’s education.

In a few years, the school outgrew the Jameson home and was moved to the present Town Hall. During the 1967-1968 school year, the parents were advised that DeeDee could no longer operate the school. They organized as a parent cooperative retaining the equipment and supplies, and Willy Cochran remained as Head Teacher.

In the ensuing years, the school saw several changes, involving moves from one location to another, the retirement of Willy Cochran, and the modification of programs to meet the changing needs of families.

DeeDee Jameson left this world in 2001 but her spirit lives on in her lasting gifts to this community. The success of the school can be attributed to the school’s philosophy and mission and the deep commitment that parents exhibit to their children when they are active participants in their educational process. There is no question but that the commitment of capable and caring teachers throughout the school’s existence has contributed significantly to the longevity of this parent cooperative. Special tribute must be paid to Michele Campbell, whose creative energy and unwavering devotion continues to make Saxon Hill School a wonderful and special place for children and families.

Being a Saxon Hill School family means more than filling out forms and writing tuition checks. It means making a commitment to participate in a cooperative educational adventure!