Parent Cooperative

What is a Parent Co-op?

As a member of a parent cooperative preschool, you and your family are partners in your child’s education. In addition to being involved in the classroom and working closely with our teaching staff, families also share in the responsibility for the school’s operation and administration. While it is true that a parent co-op requires more parent involvement than a traditional preschool, the reward is a deep involvement in your child’s first school experiences and a unique sense of community with the staff and other families at Saxon Hill School.

A brief snapshot of the family commitment is outlined below.  For more details, please see Family Contract.

Family Helping

Members “family help” in their child’s classroom on a rotating basis. This allows you to periodically participate in your child’s school day and keep our student/adult ratio at approximately 5:1. Spending time in the classroom gives family helpers exposure to the expertise of the staff as they model teaching and communication skills, and the family helpers gain knowledge and confidence in their own parenting skills.

The family helping commitment is 4-5 days per year in the 2-day class, 5-6 days per year in the 3-day class, and 7-8 days per year in the 4-day class.

Committee Commitment

Saxon Hill has a variety of well established committees that share the administrative and fundraising duties of the school.  Every family is required to serve on a committee (or the School Board).  The type of work is diverse and timing of the work varies by committee. For a list of committees and committee descriptions, please visit Committees.

Full Membership Meetings

Families are required to attend three full membership meetings per year (in August, January and March). Full membership meetings are held to welcome families, provide information, approve the budget and any large expenditures, and elect board members.


Every family is required to spend 3 to 4 hours cleaning the school on a weekend during the school year. Board members are exempt from this requirement.


Saxon Hill School generates a significant portion of its operating revenue through fundraising. This helps keep our tuition rates competitive for all families, and provides the resources needed to offer tuition assistance and scholarships.  Families participate in two main fundraising events – the Barn Sale and Artisans Auction – as well as a few smaller activities throughout the year.   Families are required to work a shift at the Barn Sale, and donate $100 worth of clothing/household items for the sale.