Serving on and/or participating in the activities of the following committees is an important part of the SHS parent cooperative. The activities of each committee contribute to the efficient operation of the school. Committees are assigned by the board as school needs and the number of participating families allow (SHS by-laws, Article XIII, Section 2). Committee chairpersons are responsible for maintaining communication with the staff and the board via the parent-at-large and for making recommendations to the board and/or membership as necessary. All chairpersons complete a yearly report of the committee activities and future needs or suggestions. This report is used for planning by the board and distributed to the incoming chairpersons of each committee to help provide continuity from year to year.  Report templates are available in the Google Drive document shared with you upon committee assignment.


Building and Grounds (4 families) – Each family is responsible for a 2-week rotation 5-6 times throughout the year.  During this period of time, responsibilities include completing tasks indoors and outdoors pertaining to the ongoing repair and maintenance of all SHS indoor and outdoor equipment and structures, including play yard, fences, outdoor play structures, indoor chairs, etc. These are dictated by a task “checklist” to be completed once during the rotation period.  Also during this time, the family is “on duty” to attend to any interior or exterior items as requested by staff as well as complete seasonal tasks such as raking and weeding.  Finally, families participate in full committee “work days” that take place in August before school, at the end of fall, and at the beginning of spring.  The committee chair is responsible for overseeing the construction or installation of exterior equipment (i.e. new sandbox, gate, etc.), and interior equipment, as school needs dictate and for coordinating with staff before beginning of school year to determine special needs/repairs for the building and/or playground (i.e. interior painting, fence repair etc.).  The chair is also responsible for creating the rotation schedule for committee members and collecting completed task lists to keep as documentation.   Time commitment begins in July and ends in June.


Cleaning (3 families) – The committee chair is responsible for communicating with staff to determine special cleaning needs, coordinating an in-depth cleaning in August prior to the school opening, generating a schedule of weekend/vacation cleaning assignments to distribute to the SHS families, and scheduling to have the floors stripped and waxed twice a year. They are also responsible for ensuring that all cleaning activities are documented and that those documents are posted and up to date.  Each committee family is responsible for participating in summer/weekend/vacation cleaning throughout the year (average of 5 times), assisting with small cleaning tasks at staff’s request, and monitoring and shopping for cleaning and other disposable supplies, such as bleach, etc (SHS covers expenses).  Time commitment begins in July and ends in June.


Publicity (3-4 families) – Publicity committee families are responsible for all the publicity needs of the school, including SHS advertising for registration/openings, open houses, vacation and summer camps, and for the promotion of special events (i.e. Barn Sale, Artisan Auction). Committee families are responsible for securing and/or developing artwork/poster creation for previously mentioned activities.  Along with this comes distributing/posting fliers in and around the community, ad placement in local publications and in local elementary school family newsletters, as well as using SHS social media as a way to publicize.  Final responsibilities include the publication of the Saxon Hill Alumni Newsletter, coordinating supply and sale of SHS clothing, hats, tote bags, etc., and maintaining the SHS website.  Publicity committee members will be required to submit an annual report of publicity and make suggestions for growth.  Time commitment begins in July and ends in June.


Barn Sale (8 families) –This is a major fundraiser for SHS.  This committee manages the Barn Sale at Underhill’s Harvest Market held in late September. Two chairs are assigned to this committee. The Chairs coordinate a meeting with all committee members in July where they delegate responsibilities among committee members. All barn sale and bake sale committee members are required to attend this meeting. Chairs are required to meet with the board in August to communicate their progress. Chairs are required to be present at the barn sale for the entire weekend and at all setup times. A procedure and timeline is provided to the committee which outlines all the specific requirements. The committee coordinates SHS member involvement for set-up, pricing, selling, and clean-up. Committee members are required to be present at all setup events during the week running up to the main event and for their work shifts during the sale.Other responsibilities include storage of Barn Sale equipment (tents, signs, racks etc.) and for providing 4 tables, two tents, and volunteers from barn sale work shifts to staff the Bake Sale. Committee chair(s)are responsible for submitting an annual report to the board within one month of the event.  Ideas for thoughtful growth are encouraged with this event but changes should be communicated with the board before being enacted- we must always balance thinking of ways to lower costs and improve fundraising efforts while maintaining the fundamental workings of  this staple community event. The commitment runs from July to October, with a substantial but manageable time commitment during the weekend of the Barn Sale and the 2 weeks prior to it.


Bake Sale  (2 Families) The Bake Sale committee is comprised of two chairs. In July this committee begins soliciting donations. They coordinate for and pick up donations made by businesses and individuals. They should attend the Barn Sale delegation meeting in July and communicate their requirements for tables, tents and for the barn sale committee to give them one volunteer from the members of each barn sale shift to staff the bake sale. This committee communicates the need for bake sale items with the full membership via a sign up specifying what each family will donate to the sale. They coordinate pickup and off site storage of all donated baked goods on the Thursday and Friday before the event. Other time commitments generally include an hour for setup on Friday, and chairs should plan to arrive to begin setup 3 hours before the opening of the sale on Saturday, and at least one hour ahead of opening on Sunday. They are also responsible for sending thank you notes to all businesses and individuals who donate. As least one chair is required to be present at all times during the sale.The commitment runs from July to October, with a substantial but manageable time commitment during the weekend of the Barn Sale and the 2 weeks prior to it.


Artisans’ Auction (10 families) – Responsibilities for this major fundraiser include arranging the time and place for the Auction, hiring the auctioneer, securing the caterer, soliciting donations from the SHS community, local artists and businesses, coordinating pick-up of items, selling tickets, day-of-event logistics including set-up, decorating, clean-up, and writing thank you letters to donors.   Committee chair(s) is responsible for an annual report following the event.  It will also be expected that thoughtful growth be enabled with this event – we must always be thinking of ways to lower costs and improve fundraising efforts through this staple community event. The time commitment runs approximately from October to April, with the bulk of the activity in the winter months close to the event date.


Fundraising Coordinator (2 families) – The families are responsible for three fundraisers during the school year:  Valentine’s Day letters, seasonal scholastic book orders, and one fundraiser to be researched and presented to the board before being carried out.  Duties include presenting fundraiser details at Full Membership Meetings, providing fundraising details to the Publicity Committee so opportunities may be appropriately publicized to school, carrying out all aspects of the fundraisers, and completing a final report for each event with recommendations for changes. The coordinator is also responsible for the management and coordination of “passive” fundraisers such as Labels for Education, local business partnerships, etc. Time commitment begins in July and ends in June.


Chapin Orchard Tour Coordinator  (1 family) – The family will be responsible for planning and implementing the Chapin Orchard partnership beginning in late August.  Duties include scheduling all tours and field trips, providing chaperone letters and information to schools/other organizations booking tours, recruiting tour guides, coordinating tour guides’ schedules and payments, collecting money at the Orchard 2-3 times per week, and being a liaison between the Orchard and SHS.  This person will work in conjunction with Chapin Orchard and the Director of Education primarily from August to November.


Summer Camp Coordinator(s) (2 family) – As a major fundraiser for SHS, the coordinator(s) will focus on scheduling and coordinating registration for all Summer Camp programs.  Duties include updating Summer Camp information pamphlets, collecting registration forms, compiling rosters (and waitlists if applicable), mailing forms to be completed prior to the start of camp, submitting deposits and  payments to the Treasurer at the beginning of each camp week, recruiting and communicating with camp counselors, and assisting the publicity committee with advertising information about camps.  This person will collaborate with the Director of Education from approximately December to July.


Assistant Treasurer (1 family)  The Assistant shall work under guidance of Treasurer to  (1) Communicate with Act 166 partner school districts, invoicing for student tuition monthly, (2) Record, Endorse, Deposit all monies & checks (Registration, Tuition, Barn Sale, Artisan Auction, Chapin Orchard, Summer Camp tuition, Valentines Fundraiser, Capital Campaign, Act 166 funds). (3) Count the Barn Sale cash box (Saturday and Sunday) and Artisan Auction cash box. (4) Send out tuition reminder e-mails and track tuition payments, contact families that missed payment due dates.Time commitment begins in July and ends in June.


Staff Technology Advisor (1 family) – The STA’s duties will include: providing staff technology training, monitoring the use of and purchasing consumables such as printer ink, providing guidance and oversight in the use of SHS’s technology and management of computerized school data and photos, making recommendations for software and hardware changes/additions, managing the website, creating/maintaining a staff technology handbook, and completing a year-end status report with a 2-year technology recommendation plan. The STA will also work closely with the Publicity Committee. Time commitment begins in July and ends in June.


Health Officer (1 family) – Responsible for reviewing the immunization certificates to determine if each child has received the required immunizations and for providing the data to the Vermont Department of Health. Assist staff in ensuring the SHS health policy is enforced by consulting with families and explaining our policy relating to any issue of medical concern. Consult with staff to determine the way in which the membership and/or class will be notified of any contagious conditions that occur while striving to maintain individual confidentiality (i.e. sign posted by staff, notices in cubbies, mail). Provide information on health issues, which arise during the year (i.e. contagious disease fact sheets, preventative measures, food and other allergy information, state health pamphlets). Be available to respond to questions/concerns of staff or families relating to health issues. Update the SHS Emergency Response Plan and supplies as needed. Full year, with emphasis on paperwork and family meetings (as needed) prior to start of school, and presentation of information at the August FMM. Time commitment begins in July and ends in June.


Special Projects Committee (1-2 families) This family will be directed by the board to assist with special projects that occur throughout the year. These projects will include but may not be limited to assisting with open houses, facilitating special advisory committees, and coordinating the holiday giving project. This year this family will also work closely with the Director of Education and be on call to assist with the various tasks involved in the process of NAEYC reaccreditation. Time commitment begins in July and ends in June.