SHS Board

Saxon Hill School’s governing Board is elected by the membership at the March Full Membership Meeting. Parents are elected to serve on the Board for a one-year term. The Board consists of the President, Vice President, Registrar, Treasurer, Secretary, Jericho Historical Society Liaison, and a Program Liaison for each program (called a Parent At Large or PAL). In addition, the Director of Education (DOE) serves on the Board.

All Board members should guide families toward the cooperative spirit of SHS by modeling appropriate behavior and maintaining open positive communication. Some of the responsibilites of each position are described below. More detailed descriptions can be found in the SHS Bylaws, located in the Family Handbook.


The President is responsible for overseeing the general operation of the school and shall work closely with the DOE throughout the year.


  • Attend and preside at all board and full membership meetings
  • Encourage deliberation and participation of all board members
  • Engage contracts with the staff
  • Oversee staff performance appraisals
  • Communicate periodically with full membership via President’s newsletter
  • Assist DOE and Treasurer in long range fiscal planning, and in preparation and review of operating budget


The Vice President shall assist the President and DOE as needed.


  • Organize committee assignments for membership
  • Assist committee chairs when needed
  • Write thank you notes
  • Attend all board and full membership meetings
  • Maintain accurate key distribution list


The Registrar works closely with the DOE throughout the registration process.


  • Attend all board and full membership meetings
  • Take phone calls and answer general questions about SHS
  • Register all students and maintain up-to-date membership file
  • Have general information packets available at school for visitors
  • Plan and oversee open houses prior to annual registration



  • Attend all board and full membership meetings
  • Take minutes at all meetings
  • Type up and distribute minutes to all current and new families, staff and director
  • Maintain current address and/or email list of families for mailing purposes
  • Update SHS master documents as needed.
  • Post and provide current by-laws, including updates, to all members
  • Maintain alumni list



The treasurer, assisted by the treasurer’s assistant, shall:

  • Attend all board and full membership meetings
  • Receive all monies paid to the school and make all disbursements
  • Manage cash to maintain adequate funds for upcoming expenses while maximizing interest earnings
  • Assist in preparation of operating budget and present budget to the full membership
  • Maintain accurate and complete accounting records, and make those records available to member families and the board at all times
  • Provide appropriate financial reports at all monthly board and full membership meetings
  • Receive and evaluate scholarship applications
  • Make recommendations to the board for scholarship awards in accordance with the Saxon Hill School Scholarship Policy
  • Assist the DOE with teacher/staff contracts
  • Ensure compliance with all regulatory reporting requirements
  • File all necessary tax documents
  • Ensure insurance coverage is adequate and up to date
  • Secure heating fuel as appropriate
  • Assist DOE and President with long range fiscal planning



  • Attend all board and full membership meetings
  • Act as a liaison between families in the class, the teachers and the board.
  • Act as a liaison between the board and two or more committees. Report on committee activities at board meetings and offer support and provide direction as needed to all assigned committees.
  • Activate SHS telephone tree as requested by teachers, board or committee chairperson. PAL’s will initiate the phone tree in the event of a school closing or delay and contact the teachers.
  • For all class field trips, it is the PAL’s responsibility to check that all children 8 and under are in appropriate car/booster seats, according to Vermont State Law. If they are not, then they may not go on the field trip.
  • Participate in staff evaluations as requested by the President.