Parent Contract

Saxon Hill School, Inc. (SHSI) is Vermont’s oldest parent
cooperative school. Its cooperative nature is a powerful tool in both
the execution of our philosophy and our operation. By participating
in the various aspects of the operation of Saxon Hill School, the membership
ensures that the policies and management of Saxon Hill School continually reflect
the needs and desires of the current membership. For this reason, we
ask that our members sign the following commitment. (Available in pdf format here)

Our family agrees to:

  1. Conduct ourselves in a manner that is conducive to preserving
    the cooperative spirit of Saxon Hill School.
  2. Pay a one-time membership fee of $5.00 as described in the
    Saxon Hill School by-laws, Article II, Section 1.
  3. Pay a non-refundable registration fee of $75.00 as described
    in the Saxon Hill School by-laws, Article III, Section 3.
  4. Attend full membership meetings as described in the Saxon Hill School
    by-laws, Article II, Section 2. All member families with currently
    enrolled children are required to attend the three regularly scheduled
    full membership meetings (January, March, and August). Attendance at
    board meetings and special meetings of the full membership, where
    important issues are discussed, is encouraged.
  5. Serve on the board or on a committee as described in the Saxon Hill School
    by-laws, Article II, Section 3. (Detailed committee descriptions are
    found in the parent handbook and duties of the board and its members
    are described in the by-laws. Please refer to these documents for
    further information.)
  6. Clean the school on a pre-arranged date as described in the
    Saxon Hill School by-laws, Article II, Section 4. (Depending on the number of
    families enrolled, cleaning assignments are generally for 3-4 hours
    one weekend or vacation week per academic year.)
  7. Abide by the Saxon Hill School health policy outlined in the parent
    handbook and described in the Saxon Hill School by-laws, Article II, Section
  8. Serve as a parent helper in the classroom as described in the
    parent handbook. Depending on the program in which you are enrolled
    you will be expected to parent help as often as once every few weeks.
    The parent helper generally assists the staff, provides a nutritious
    snack for the class, and does light cleaning after each class.
    Specific details can be found in the parent handbook.
  9. Maintain professional confidentiality with regard to any
    information obtained through parent helping about a specific child’s
    development, family situations, and the like.
  10. Support and participate in the following Saxon Hill School fund-raisers
    throughout the year in order to meet the financial obligations of the
    school. In the cooperative spirit of Saxon Hill School, each member family will
    support the school to the best of their ability. The one major
    fund-raiser that requires mandatory member participation is:

    Barn Sale

    (At the Underhill Harvest Market, the last full weekend of

    1. Provide 3-4 baked goods (optional)
    2. Provide $100 worth of merchandise or pay $100.00 (required)
    3. Work one 3 hour shift or contribute $50.00 (required)

    Optional participation:

    Valentine’s Letters

    Provide the names of friends, grandparents, and/or other relatives
    who may enjoy supporting Saxon Hill School. SHS will prepare the
    letter of request, send it out, and follow up with a thank you

    Artisans’ Auction

    1. Attend the event
    2. Invite friends and family to attend
    3. Make or secure donations of goods or services to be auctioned
  11. Meet the tuition obligation as described in the Saxon Hill School by-laws,
    Article IV, Section 2. “Enrollment in SHSI may be terminated by giving
    thirty days written notice to the president of SHSI. Termination of
    enrollment does not relieve a member family of its tuition obligation.
    The member family withdrawing shall be held responsible for two
    month’s tuition (2/9 of the annual tuition) from the date of
    notification. All other considerations may be brought to the Board.”
    (Please refer to the by-laws for complete tuition guidelines.)
  12. Allow our child to participate in the school’s program
    including planned field trips using transportation approved by the
    Saxon Hill School board.
  13. Abide by the by-laws and written policies in effect for Saxon Hill School.
  14. We agree to comply with a background check