Tuition Assistance


Saxon Hill School is proud to offer tuition assistance for our programs. The board provides tuition assistance based on a) financial need or b) emergency financial situations. Two-thirds of available tuition assistance funds are allocated to families in financial need; one third of the funds are allocated to families facing financial emergencies.


Given Saxon Hill School’s limited financial resources, the tuition assistance fund is seen as a means to help ease tuition burden, not underwrite it.


The two types of tuition assistance:


1.) Tuition assistance based on financial need


a)    As a general rule, SaxonHillSchool will provide up to 1/3 of the program tuition for families eligible for Dr. Dynasaur/Medicaid benefits. Under special circumstances, the board may also approve additional tuition assistance based on the number of applications received and the availability of funds.


b)    The deadline for tuition assistance requests is April 1, for all families registered by this date. Those families who accept registration at a later date will be given a deadline by the treasurer. Requests for summer camps will be considered on a rolling basis. Applications will be submitted in confidence to the Saxon Hill School treasurer. Any tuition assistance money awarded will reduce the remaining tuition balance and be applied equally to all installment payments, whether quarterly or monthly. The Treasurer will send out a letter outlining the amount of the award and the payment schedule options. All families applying for Tuition Assistance are still responsible for the April NRD.


2) Tuition assistance based on emergency financial situations


a)    The board will consider tuition assistance requests based on emergency financial situations, such as job loss. Applications will be submitted in confidence to the Saxon Hill School treasurer. Requests for assistance are accepted anytime throughout the year but will apply only to tuition not already paid (in other words, they cannot be applied retroactively.


Tuition assistance for Act 62 families:

Families receiving Act 62 funding from their local school district are still eligible to apply for Saxon Hill School Tuition assistance.  Act 62 funding combined with Saxon Hill School tuition assistance funding shall not exceed the total tuition due. In those cases where combined funding would exceed the total tuition due, Saxon Hill School will adjust the tuition assistance amount offered.


The application process for tuition assistance:

The SHS treasurer will require applicants to submit a financial background information form, a short need statement, and the applicant’s most recent tax return. Families applying for assistance based on financial need will also be required to include a copy of their Dr. Dynasaur/Medicaid insurance card or to demonstrate their eligibility for it.


The SHS board will evaluate applicants equitably. Family names and details will not be known by the board. The treasurer will provide the board with family incomes on a “dollars-per-family-member” basis. The board will then evaluate all applicants in light of the funding available. The treasurer will notify applicants of tuition assistance decisions.


At the end of each fiscal year, the treasurer will destroy all tuition assistance files and distribution receipts.


The source of SHS tuition assistance funds:

The Board will determine the tuition assistance fund amount during the budget process for each fiscal year and upon approval by the general membership. The tuition assistance fund will be found in the operating budget as an exclusive line item. The amount of tuition assistance will be

determined based upon an analysis of several years funding and allocation, as well as the balance of current scholarship funds. If scholarship funds are deemed adequate to cover the anticipated tuition assistance expense, the general membership may determine funding for this line item is unnecessary as part of the operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year. This decision must be evaluated as appropriate for each school year’s operating budget.


The philosophy at Saxon Hill School is to put the needs of the child first. In keeping, the board will decide tuition assistance cases in a manner consistent with our school’s overall philosophy.

Tuition Assistance Application Form 2014-15