Classes 2018 -2019

Saxon Hill School offers three programs. All programs incorporate the highest standards of early education and teaching methods. The Saxon Hill School philosophy is integrated into each program. The following chart gives a brief overview of each program.

Program Age Cutoff Meeting Days Meeting Times Children Teachers Family Helper
3 day 3 by 8/31/18 M, W, F 8:30-12:00 16 2 1
3 day 3 by 8/31/18 T, Th, F 8:30-12:00 16 2 1
4 day 4 by 8/31/18 M,T,W,TH 8:30-12:00 17 2 1

The programs differ from each other not only in meeting time, class size, and child-adult ratios, but in composition and the needs of the students at any given time. Our teachers tailor the routines and expectations of each program to the group enrolled in that program each year. The 4-day program is also a Vermont State licensed kindergarten.

We have found that the consistency of a daily routine, within a given program, is essential. Children are more secure and ready to learn when there is a pattern which they can expect to occur during the day. This does not mean that we lock ourselves into a rigid structure. We often allow ourselves to depart from the usual schedule for the sake of a new experience. We are also not locked into a uniform structure for all programs. Program schedules are constructed to accommodate the needs of all enrolled children.

Developmentally appropriate teaching staff (or adult)-child ratios are maintained to facilitate adult-child interaction and constructive activity among children. The ratios, which vary by program, are maintained during all hours of operation including indoor time, outdoor time and during transportation and field trips.

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