Home/School Relationship

A child is a whole being. Home and school are not separate as many learning experiences bridge the two. The channels of communication between home and school must be direct and open. It is always a joy to share with one another the many observations and pieces of information we have about a child’s growing interests and development.


It is also important for us to work together to solve problems. If something that is going on at school — or not going on — presents a problem to you or your child, PLEASE COME DIRECTLY TO THE TEACHER(S). The earlier we are all aware that there is a problem, the earlier we can begin to work on a solution. We can usually identify the source of the problem and work out some alternatives to try, much more quickly, if the family and teachers approach one another directly. We are a team and work to complement each other.

The days at our school are very full and it may not always be easy to have a private moment with your child’s teacher. Communication between family and staff is a priority, and, as such, teachers are also available via e-mail, telephone, Home/School journal, and parent teacher conferences.

Home Visit

The teacher(s) meet with families throughout the year. The first of these is a home visit, made in the summer, so that your child and your child’s teacher can begin building their relationship before the first day of school. During the home visit, the teacher is primarily visiting the child and giving the child an opportunity to share the important things in her/his world.


During the fall, the teacher(s) will write their first observation/evaluation of the child’s progress at school. The teacher(s) will announce that conferences are available and post a sign-up schedule. It is always preferable that all primary care givers attend, but we realize that this is not always possible.

At the end of the school year you will receive your child’s portfolio to keep, complete with samples of your child’s work, teacher reports, records, and mementos of the year at Saxon Hill School. A final conference is optional. At any time during the school year you are welcome to schedule a special conference (or conversation!) with the teacher(s) to discuss any questions you have about your child or the school.